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Our Multi-Family loan programs offer flexible and competitive financing options for investors looking to fund the acquisition, development, or refinancing of multi-family properties. Streamlined process, attractive rates, and tailored solutions.


Our Retail loan programs provide customized financing solutions for retail property investors. With competitive rates and a streamlined process, we support acquisitions, expansions, and refinancing to help retailers thrive in today's dynamic market.


Our Office loan programs offer specialized financing solutions for office property investors. Our competitive rates, tailored terms, and streamlined process support acquisitions, renovations, and refinancing, empowering businesses to create productive workspaces and seize growth opportunities.


Our Storage loan programs cater to investors in the storage industry, providing flexible financing options for acquiring, expanding, or refinancing storage facilities. With competitive rates and customized terms, we help maximize profitability in this thriving market segment.


Our Automotive loan programs are designed for investors in the automotive industry. We offer flexible financing options to support acquisitions, expansions, or refinancing of automotive-related properties. Benefit from competitive rates, tailored terms, and a streamlined process to drive your success in the automotive sector.


Our Industrial loan programs cater to investors in the industrial sector, providing financing solutions for the acquisition, development, or refinancing of industrial properties. With competitive rates, flexible terms, and a streamlined process, we empower businesses to thrive in the dynamic industrial landscape.


Our Hotel loan programs are designed to support investors in the hospitality industry. Our financing solutions cater to hotel acquisitions, renovations, expansions, or refinancing needs. With competitive rates, customized terms, and a streamlined process, we help hoteliers capitalize on growth opportunities and enhance guest experiences.


Our Mobile Park loan programs are tailored for investors in the mobile home park sector. We offer flexible financing options for acquiring, developing, or refinancing mobile home parks. With competitive rates, customized terms, and a streamlined process, we empower investors to capitalize on the growing demand for affordable housing solutions.


Our Small Balance Transfer loan programs provide convenient and efficient financing options for transferring small loan balances. With competitive rates, simplified processes, and personalized solutions, we help borrowers consolidate and manage their debts more effectively, saving time and money.


Our comprehensive Portfolio Loan programs offer tailored financing solutions for investors managing diverse property portfolios. With flexible terms, competitive rates, and a streamlined process, we support the consolidation, refinancing, or expansion of portfolios, empowering investors to optimize their real estate investments and maximize returns.

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About Commercial Lending

How Do Commercial Loans Work?

At AZURA CAPITAL, it’s our privilege to guide you through this new and exciting process. Two of the most important aspects of a commercial mortgage to keep in mind are the interest rate and loan repayment schedule.

Competitive Interest Rates

Most commercial loans offered today are fixed. This means you have the security of knowing that if interest rates were to increase you wouldn’t be stuck making higher monthly payments. Conversely some borrowers are opting for a variable interest rate to take advantage of lower initial payments. However, a loan of this nature runs the risk of having interest rates increase and thus increasing your monthly payment.

Loan Repayment Schedules

Competitive Offerings


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