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How Do Commercial Loans Work?

A commercial loan differs from a residential mortgage in that the collateral used to secure a commercial loan is a commercial building or business real estate instead of a residential property. What’s more is commercial mortgages are generally assumed by a business entity instead of an individual borrower. As a result of this, assessing and securing a commercial mortgage is somewhat more complicated than a residential mortgage. A complex process involving many factors plays into determining creditworthiness for a business. At Global Funding it’s our privilege to guide you through this new and exciting process. Two of the most important aspects of a commercial mortgage to keep in mind are interest rate and loan repayment schedule.
Interest Rate

Most commercial loans offered today are fixed. This means you have the security of knowing that if interest rates were to increase you wouldn’t be stuck making higher monthly payments. Conversely some borrowers are opting for a variable interest rate to take advantage of lower initial payments. However, a loan of this nature runs the risk of having interest rates increase and thus increasing your monthly payment.

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Qualifications for a Commercial Mortgage

Is a Commercial Loan Right for Me?

If you’re considering any of the following as a means to grow your business then a commercial mortgage might be right for you.

  • Purchase of a building or space in which to do business
  • Extending current work space
  • Investing in commercial or residential properties
  • Developing properties for commercial use

Every borrower’s situation is a little different, so be sure to email or call one of our commercial loan specialists today. We look forward to offering you a personalized commercial mortgage solution tailored to fit your company’s needs.


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Houston, TX


Lender: Bank
Property Type: Hotel
Loan Purpose: Rate/Term Refinance

Houston, TX


Lender: Bank
Property Type: Hotel
Loan Purpose: Rate/Term Refinance

Houston, TX


Lender: Bank
Property Type: Hotel
Loan Purpose: Rate/Term Refinance

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